VaporStake  is a solid plastic construction stake that is designed to be left permanently in place. It is used with the vapor retarder and its mastic to set interior forms, screeds or shear wall templates without violating the vapor retarder as specified in the ASTME 1643-11 (sections 8.4 and 8.6) and ACI 302.2R-06.

VaporStake™  can be used with either a solid plastic sheet type vapor retarder that meets the ASTME 1745-11 standards or a sprayed on type vapor retarder.

VaporStake  is made of solid plastic, is non-corrosive, is leak-resistant, and acts as a permanent plug in the vapor retarder.

VaporStake™  is made of solid recycled plastic and is permanently left in place.  It can help with LEED certification.

VaporStake™  is sealed directly to the vapor retarder and is cut off above the seal but below the finished concrete surface. The lower, embedded and sealed portion is not removed.  Instead, it is left permanently in place.

VaporStake™  is strong, lightweight, easy to use, available in various sizes, and competitively priced.  VaporStakes are packaged in bundles of 25 for easy carrying.

VaporStake™  is a patent pending product made in the USA.

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